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Problem for CDJ to find RB playlists with my new USB sticks.

I bought new usb sticks a week ago, but they really dont work properly with CDJ-2000nxs.

In rekordbox everything looks fine, and I sucessfully exported all music to the sticks.

When I plug in a usb to the cdj sometimes cdj finds all rb playlists, and everything runs smoothly.

But somtimes it doesnt find the playlists, and only show "contents" but after a few restarts the cdj finds all playlist again?!

All the time cdj recognize my settings and find all the music (se attached picture).

Is there any known problem with my usb sticks?


Rekordbox 3.1.0 on Win 7 x64

CDJ-2000 nxs FW 1.22

Adata AS102P-64G-RGY (64GB 3.0 usb) formatted in fat32 with HP usb disk formatting tool. 

Thankful for any good tips/tricks/advice.

Best regards

Tobias Hedin

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