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Loading Hot Cues Set In RekordBox

Hi Guys,

I've set Hot cues and loops in rekordbox.. i've done the below, but i'm having a problem calling the hot cues and loops on my cdj-900 .... and ideas how i call them?  I've tried holding the 'In' button for 2 seconds but it doesnt do anything. when i click the 'memory' button next to 'cue/loop' it says nothing found... but the hot cues and loops are definetly on the usb device.   any ideas?


  1. Being the tracks are already in RB, highlight them all, Click "INFO" pane and select to "allow to auto load hot cue to cdj"  it may take a while to do the entire library based on how many tracks you have

  2. In RB preferences, turn on "Prepare hot cue auto load setting for cdj use (Auto load)" so all new tracks added to RB are set to auto load any cues you make


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