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BPM locked on "00.00" after migrating from pc to mac and upgrading to Rekordbox 3.0


I have been a user of rekordbox on a laptop pc along with owning cdj 2000's for well over 3 years. I recently upgraded from my old pc, where I have always stored my music and used rekordbox, to a macbook pro.

I have therefore attempted to follow your instructions on here of how to migrate from a pc to a mac whilst retaining all of my original cue points, loops and so on. I seem to have everything working as desired apart from one key problem. The problem happens when I load a track into the player at the top of rekordbox and press play, but no bpm value appears apart from, "00.00." The track plays ok with sound and loop functions appear to also be operational. However, as soon as I try to adjust the bpm up/down with the arrows or even by highlighting the bpm and try to put a number in all I get is maximum speed version of the track. A dialogue box also appears saying, "bpm value should be between 70 and 499." This locks the track playing at high speed, (effectively freezing), and the bpm never becomes adjustable. The track can be stopped and others reloaded, but the bpm problem never goes away.

Please help as this therefore makes the the new version of rekordbox - 3.0 virtually unusable now on my new mac.

The only solution I can see is to start a fresh and enter all the tracks in as new, but this would mean having to set up hot cue and loop points on nearly 2000 singles!




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