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RB 3.0 Feature Request: Convert and send to mobile device

I would like to use the RB app for iPhone, but all of my tracks are currently aiff. Unfortunately, RB does not support sending aiff to mobile devices (from what I understand, this is due to the amount of space the files take up and the limited storage space on mobile devices). 

As a user, I would like to have a "convert and send to device" function which would convert the selected songs to an mp3 format of my choosing and synch the songs to my mobile device in a single step, such that I can create hot cues, beatgrid, etc on my mobile device and synch this information back to the original file (in this case aiff) without using too much phone storage.

My thinking is that this function should not save the compressed version of the mp3 on the hard drive, just create a temporary version to synch it to the mobile device, then delete it immediately after. I currently use itunes to convert my aiff to mp3s and synch to my phone, but then I have to remember to clean up my itunes library afterwards, which is a huge pain in the butt, not to mention that I cannot create hot cues, beatgrid, etc and sync this information back to the original aiff file when I use this workflow.

I feel this function may also be useful to users who purchase 320 mp3's as they could convert and send to device using a lower quality (e.g., 160 mp3) and fit more songs on their mobile device without cluttering their hard drive with lower quality duplicates.


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