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Rekordbox 3 - Multiple playlists - show more info


First off, very impressed with the RB3 release.


A question on displaying multiple playlists ..

Is it possible to display more info than just the artwork and title ? I know you can see the full details of each track in the browser underneath, but it would be nice to be able to see the artist, BPM etc.  Or even display the Summary, like the column when selecting 'Show the entire artwork'.

Can the 'Summary' column be displayed in the full collection without having to 'Show the entire artwork'.

Also, how the hell do you switch back to viewing multiple playlists after expanding a full playlist ?

Hope that makes sense





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Yeah I've got a similar question - instead of the artwork and title, can we select what fields are shown in the playlists sections? As a number of my tracks don't have artwork it would be nice if I could replace that field with something else - ie Key, BPM etc...

I've had a poke around but haven't been able to find any options for this - have I overlooked something???

Thanks :)

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yeah, the artwork seems to take up too  much unnecessary room especially for people who do not use it. Let us customize the panel OR just make it a summary view

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