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DDJ-SX and DDJ-SZ for rekordbox

Hey I saw that there are many oldchool cd controllers that are compatible with rekordbox, considering that it is a really modern tool, why are new  generation controllers not compatible such as ddj-sx and dd-sz?

 I´m sure there will be alot of subscribers will use it´s amazing functions. Will be nice to stop using traktor, virtual DJ, or serato software, Pioneer can catch a nice plus creating their own dj softare and digital extras for their hardward.

Lexo Salazar

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Uhm, the only "controllers" that are compatible with rekordbox are the AERO and R1, and those are designed stand-alone units moreso than controllers.

The SX and SZ are designed as Serato controllers and are not, nor will they ever be, rekordbox compatible devices. Sorry!

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