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Firmware 4.04 feedback - "1 frame loop" bug is still there

I've read the Firmware Update Release Notes for firmware 4.04 and thought this bug is gone.

@ Pulse

Were u talking about something else there ?

Load a track;

1 - hit play

2 - create a loop using IN/OUT buttons

3 - cut the loop once using the loop cutter button

4 - hit play/pause button

5 - hit CUE button

6 - hit play/pause button

7 - now try to create a loop using the IN/OUT buttons (doesn't matter the length) - THE RESULT WILL BE A VERY SHORT LOOP, probably a 1 frame loop.

It happens when using flash drives and CDs. Doesn't matter if the quantize is turned on or off.

When this bug will be fixed ? I reported about 1 year ago and  u said the engineers  are working to fixing it.

Please don't ask me again how often i use this combination.

Why these cd players acts like a piece of junk when using this combination ?

What is happening there, why the engineers cannot fix it ?

Is there a core issue that is causing this problem (among others) and that  CANNOT be fixed ?

Marian Eugen

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