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Upgraded from 3.20 to 4.04 for new features.. not E-8302 !

Hello guys,


[sorry for repeating myself to moderators and Pulse, maybe you can delete my comment in Manoskap's thread]

i decided to update my october'10 decks from 3.20 to 4.04 to try the new features due to changelog saying E8302 was fixed... Guess what, now i'm getting those E8302 errors at least once or twice randomly per session. Generally i just started the music for 0.5 to 3 sec before it stops.

I never got any troubles before. I'm using a 32gb USB pendrive, i got one error today while reading a song from my 8gb SD card (permanently inserted in 1 deck, only removed it for the flash since i got them).

I think for now i only got E8302 while using the link function.

Else, i also noticed that my 2nd deck displayed a "WAIT" message which wasn't disappearing on very first SD card access for today via link (1st deck was playing from USB) . I waited for 1min. When i saw it was still on screen, i got mad and just hit back button and tried another directory which listed the content directly then i was able to get back to my other directory to get it listed finally. Thankfully i don't do gigs anymore.

There's no sleep timer on those media, unless the decks put them in standy themselves..


I only use my decks occasionally, so i m really upset about getting those errors i never got before.

I'm not using rekordbox (i hate to have my songs sorted the ways chosen by a program).

I m only using simple directories with max 3 levels of tree on my media.

I choosed to stay simple with no fancy hardware/software around me, just pure mixing with my USB and/or SD card inserted, it's not for that i'm getting annoyed in a middle of a mix by bugs.

I really hope Pioneer will really get rid of that in the next firmware revision (not in 1+ month..).

And btw, please Pioneer devs, REMOVE also that red nag screen about Rekordbox not being used blabla.. you are selling this product to people knowing what they want to do for mixing..


To finish, if you could make a computer tool to be able to "modify" data stored on media like USB/SD:

ie: when we rename or move a file to another directory or just rename a directory with same files inside, we have to do it ALL again for that file, analysing it and re-memorize cue/loops. I tried to hex-edit your stored files but this doesn't work off course.

Please don't tell me about rekordbox, it has to import your files (that you have to re-edit + analyse) to re-export them on your very same drive in its own directories... And i have to admit something, DN's way of storing directly in the music files was very handy.

Jul-12 2011 14:12.

PS: wouldn't it be a great idea that Pioneer releases a "downgrader" to 3.20 for CDJ2000? That would solve many problems for many users. And especially for me.


PS2: i regret having upgraded for those advanced beat loops functions, we can't see anymore when the music is getting looped visually on the waveform, and as they aren't really useful if the bpm isn't correctly detected or the music not checked by rekordbox before.. If you can make this optional..




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I'm sorry to say this... but the E-8302 error makes me nuts.

Last gig I played 5 hrs. in the first 2,5 hrs I had 5 of those errors!!! believe me, the public hates those errors also. I know have an old cdj800 as a back up ready with an old fasion cd. works always!!

PLEASE fix this...!!!!

last note: it would be very helpfull for me if there is a YEAR sort function within the playlists I have on my 64GB usb stick. thanks in advance.

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