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Having Troubles - Hookup

Hey everyone.

Just got a bunch of stuff from Make a Wish as I have Cancer, and wanted new DJ equipment to play on, as I had old CDJ 200's and some terrible mixer.

I got a 

DJM 900 Nexus

2 X CDJ 900

Macbook Pro

Portable Harddrive 2TB - NTFS Format, which I can put on my mac.

Where I have my music.

(This is where I am confused)


Do I use the Mac?


The Harddrive?


So what next?


I wan't the easiest and least costly solution.


Thanks guys, and i'd love to post some mixes once I get it all together, this would make me really happy at a pretty sad time in my life.


Feel free to follow my tweets too from my profile, I post there quite a lot about life, music and other things here in Australia


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@Ryan Sorry for you cancer mate :(

About the DJ stuff, I suggest you start reading the manuals, they will show how to connect everything. You can use the Pioneer rekordbox software (it's free) to prepare your music for you CDJ's.

I'm sure a lot of people will fill in here with more suggestions for you!

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@Ryan > You are very welcome to these forums.

I'm sorry to hear of your illness and I wish you all the very best wishes.

In relation to your setup question > connect up all the equipment as normal; CDJ audio outputs into the mixer, connect all the equipment (using a CAT5 cable) to a network switch (personally, I use a Netgear FS108). Next, you'll have to get about formatting that drive to FAT and not NTFS.

You can use the Mac or the harddrive - whichever you feel more comfortable using. With the harddrive you use the Mac to organise your music and export to the drive. Then you can use the CDJs to scroll through your music on the drive and load 'em up to play on the CDJs (you can link the CDJs to each other using the CAT5 cable). Alternatively, you can use your Mac and drag and drop music from Rekordbox onto the players!

The manuals really will provide you with plenty of information and if you need anyone to fill in any blanks you may have please ask and we'll be happy to assist.

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