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Quantize selection optional / Playlists as a list only?

Well....I see the forums have totally changed here....I wonder if any of the old error message posts were ever resolved..........

that being said my 2 questions are:

1) is it possible (or could a future firmware make it possible) to selectively choose if the quantize feature is on or not.  now, why would one want to turn off the quantize feature you may ask?  loop efx.  on certain tracks, quick manual loops can be used for efx purposes, but with the quantize feature on (being exported from rekordbox) the loops cannot truly be manually selected, the quantize feature will...quantize the loop automatically.  i have to have 2 copies of some tracks on my usb stick as it is for times when i want to do this.


2) can there be a way to view previous playlists in some kind of list like a tag list.  i thought that once you put your usb stick back into RB and it asks to save playlists, that you could view that tracklist on the cdj2000.  when you export the playlist to the usb, its not exporting the playlist, but the actual tracks in the specified playlist.


Thanks for any info on this...



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