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CDJ 350 traktor issue

Hi guys, my setup is mbp 2011 i7 15 inch and 2x cdj 350 and djm 400, I am using HID mode to control traktor pro 2, i worked for 2 months with that setup but with different traktor software, I mean one month ago I installed newest traktor pro 2 which I got when I bought s4. So from moment when I installed new traktor I started to see some problems which were minor, buy yesterday I had gig and when I loaded one song that was not analyzed traktor just stopped and turned of and it showed me some message to retry/cancle and one more option which I can't remember, so I had to open audio midi setup and restart cdjs and than configure everything in traktor and that took me about 2 minutes which is very bad thing. Worst of all it happend again after hour, I was shocked what happend to me. I talked to one guy who told me that source of problem might be that my wireless was turned on and that traktor have some issues with that, or that problem can be i7 processor is this true??? I had always wireless turned off last 2 gigs it was turned on and first gig was ok, but las was :S....Please help me guys, thanks in advance!

Luka Nonkovic

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