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USB 3.0 support

Hi, great that we can use USB2.0 hard disks but at this moment you can not buy them anymore in the store. I I tried a USB3.0 disk that said it was back wards compatible with USB2.0.

First issue is the formatting USB3.0 disks are usually formatted NTFS and not FAT32. In Windows 7 you can not format a FAT32 that is readable by the CDJ2000. To make a long story short I was never able to get the disk working on the CDJ. It was working in Record box but the CDJ was not able to read anything.

So what does this mean for the future?

Will Pioneer do a call back and update all players with a USB3.0 port? Currently I'm collecting USB2.0 disks, just to be sure.




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No, Pioneer would never call back the CDJ to update the ports. Should Apple call back all their old generation MacBooks to fit Thunderbolt ports?

You can get utilities to format drives to FAT (external utilities and even Microsoft provide some too). Then you can quickly format to FAT. It's an easily circumventable issue.

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