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Effects on the cdj2000 vs 400

Hello all,

  Slightly n00bish question here. My current set-up is:




I only recently got the 2000 and discovered there are no effects as such (aside from looping and slow rpm startup/stop thing). Whereas the 400 has 6 effects, dry/wet, jet/roll and bubble/wah etc.


Q1: Is the current view of pioneer to move effects out of the CDJs into mixers, specific effects units or both?

Q2: My DJM 600 has plenty of effects, but I cannot keep it on all the time, it goes in and out depending on depth, for example if I wanted to go wet for a while I have no control over that, however I can go wet indefinitely with the cdj400s "hold function".

Q3: Eventually I wish to upgrade the 400 to a 2000, also the mixer, but having recently spent 600+ completely refitting the mixer with new boards, I doubt I would do that anytime soon. Which would you recommend? Effects box, is that what the 1000 is? Get a new mixer or something different?



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CDJ's like the 400 are aimed at the bedroom DJ and so, to keep the costs reasonable, a small number of effects are built into the unit.  The top end CDJ products feature all sorts of DJ technology, but all the effects are left off to be part of separate effects units or mixers, allowing for a much richer set of features and much more potential for creativity.

The EFX-1000 is Pioneer's stand alone effects unit - you can use that with the Send/Return on your DJM-600 or run it inline direct from your mixer's output.  As for mixers, your best bet would be the DJM-900 or DJM-2000 - both have incredible effect capabilities and also work hand in hand with the CDJ-900 and CDJ-2000.

It might be an idea to upgrade your mixer first, as that way you get a new mixer AND effects in one go, then concentrate on CDJs further down the line.

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