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350 repair

I would like to say i got my CDJ-350 w back today after 4 weeks away being repaired, when it came back to me it had the same issue and now it is even worse, the touch pad in parts doesnt work i am so i am very annoyed. and i was so happy this morning when i seen an email about the new white monitors, but i can say i wont be looking forward to buying any more pioneer equipment very disapionted


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@DJ-Ric > Where did you have the unit serviced?  Was it AT Pioneer or an authorized shop?  If it was a shop, I'd contact Pioneer and place an official complaint and I would also contact the shop to find out why they didn't test it before returning it.

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hey pulse this is the full story, i bought them from an authorized shop, but the nearest shop is in Belfast which is 30mins drive away, or 2 hours if the westlink is jammed (which is 90% of the day), so i phoned them to find out if they do their own repairs or if it had to be sent away, they told me they did their own repairs and asked me about the unit. when i told them the unit was only 4 months old they then informed me, that because it was still under warrentee that they couldnt do the repair, it would have to be sent to Craigavon to the authrized pioneer repair centre.

So the thing is i Live in Craigavon, so i told the Manager of the shop i live in Craigavon and asked if i was able to bring it there myself as it would save me a long drive, which he said was fine, and because i didnt have a clue where in Craigavon it was asked for the address. When i left it in i was given a turn around time of 5 days which i was impressed with, when the part where not in stock in belguim, and had to be sent from japan, it was delayed and in total took 27 days.

When i sent the unit this was the list of faults:

Jog wheel sounded like it was grinding

Jog wheel felt like it was dragging


When i got it back this is the list of faults:

Jog wheel still grinding (no better than before, but no worse either)

Jog wheel still  (no better than before, but no worse either)

The touch plate had a dent in it

The jog assembly moved around within it housing

The touch plate only worked when it wanted to

and the touch plate was sitting to high at one side (you could almost see right under it)

This is just a guess but i think that is why the touch plate only worked sometimes because it was uneven, if you touch the side that was lower down most of the time it didnt work, but when touching the side that was stiing high it worked every time


So the reason the shop didnt test it is because they never had the unit, but in truth shouldnt of mattered as it was sent to an authorized repair centre, i will add i went to the shop the day after i got the unit back from repair, and the shops manager replaced the unit so i now have 2 fully working units again

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