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My CDJ-2000's NOT THE PROBLEMS but The Suggestions Box post

Everything in this forum seems to be all over the place, weather its a simple post or somebody suggesting something in a post that is off topic to the post itself. So i figured, why not make a post that reflects its title, hoping that it wont drift off topic. Trying my best to narrow everything down and hoping that this post may be an advantage for the Pioneer Techs and, us, the end user.

Please lets try and keep RB problems/ suggestions and CDJ-2000's problems out of this post. If anything, feel free to make a similar post like My CDJ-2000's not the Suggestion Box but THE PROBLEMS post.

I guess we could use this post as a poll instead??

So, to the best of my knowledge that these features are not present on the 2000's, my suggestions:

1) a speed scrolling option when using the scroll wheel

2) the ability to use the SEARCH feature within a category like [TRACK]

3) the option to not to go back to the previous track during scratch play at the beginning of a new track

4) a searching option using Album Artwork using the strip, kinda like the iPod Touch

5) a 16 beat Auto Loop when holding Loop Cutter for over 4 seconds or something

6) being able to save my Tag Lists made on the 2000's to the USB Stick or SD card

7) The option of being able to load Hot Cues that reflect the track being loaded

8) Maybe an analyzing feature when loading a non analyzed track, with the option to save the analysis, to USB or SD, by pressing the Memory button


Thats about all I can think of right now. If I think of more, Ill post again. Or if i like someones suggestions, ill ditto suggestion @whoever. And again, lets try and keep this an ON TOPIC post please!




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you can already speed scroll. just press the scroll dial in and hold for a second and away you go.

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lol! WOW!!! Had the 2000's for almost a year and with many many hrs of usage and I never knew you could do that, haha!! that kinda solves 2 of my suggestions, thanks!!

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lol - just posted that to another thread.  ;)  Thanks for the other suggestions, we'll pass those along.

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