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CDJ2000 USB/SD Card USB drop out

Help please

I use CDJ-2000 Mac 10.6.8 2GHz i7 4GB for midi I use I pad with touchosc Akia lpd8 and a roland uno usb to midi for pioneer 800

My decks are hooked up with usb to a powerd hub when I play in scratch live every thing is fine when I change to sd card or usb stick on decks it works fine when I try to go back to link to go back to scratch live it will not work and the decks will not link to scratch like

scratch like still plays just decks will not link I have to reboot mac book and start ove

After CDJ200/LPD8 will not respond I have bypass the powered USB port and hooked up direct from laptop to CDJ2000/ LPD8 pad the port on my Mac it will not respond I have to reboot and once I reboot CDJ2000/LPD8 work fine with Scratch live if I try to go to SD/Usb it happens all over again.

I'm going to replace powered USB hub and going to replace ethernet cable and try a different LPD8 pad and Try a Different Roland Uno midi to usb that I use for pionerr 800

I will let you know what happens.

Nicky Stobaugh

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