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Switching from Traktor to Serato (and vice versa)

Hey guys,

I tried googling this, but I didn't have any luck. I wanted to know what the process would be for switching between a Traktor set-up and a Serato set-up in the same night. For example, the headline DJ this Friday is using Serato and I'm opening for him.

I use two USB cables to connect to each CDJ-2000 and control Traktor on my macbook. My only fear is that when I plug in my USB cables to the CDJ, both immediately ask me to make a link connection. Would this cut off the previous DJ? And if the DJ after me were to switch one CDJ from LINK to his Serato set-up, would this cut me off on the other CDJ?

I hope this was more or less clear, I'm sorry if my wording was confusing. If it helps, I can also DJ off of USBs, no problem - maybe that will allow me to transition between both sets?

Thanks in advance,


David Chetrit

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