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CUE points and Hot cues not there when I get to the gig on SOME tracks only..???

I work with 2 cdj2000's and djm 700 in a club using one single SD card linked to both players. I use cue points and hot cues a lot. I create them both at the club and on rekord box at home... after each gig I load from the sd card and update the collection. They are all there when I view them on rekord box on the PC at home. HOWEVER.. when I reload my sd card and arrive for my next gig and play some tracks with stored cue points or hot cues, I go to call them up and they are not there... AT ALL...  yet on some other tracks all is normal. Effected tracks also dont load the wave form straight away.. and it just loads with the song as its played. When i get home I check if they are there on RB... and yep.. there they are there and work fine. I have even put the SD card which I used at the gig and view it on RB and found the cue points ARE there on the card and will play on the computer..... but the CDJ wasnt seeing them...??  what am I doing wrong..?  Is there a setting I have missed..? Yes I know how to call up the cue points and  hot cues etc..     I am using windows XP.. RB 1.5.4 and cdj 2000 firmware 4.10. SD cards are scandisk 16gb. (but this has been happening with earlier versions too)  I have also tried loading to a USB card and the same problem happens.   Just to add more confusion..  the tracks sometimes load up fine one week...  and not the other..  but it seems to be a select group of tracks that I have problems with. I dont have time at the gig to go through every track to see if its working ok...    just another note: I do re-load the entire SD card every week from RB.   Thanks in advance.

DJ ChrisP

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