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[SOLVED] Traktor + 2x CDJ 350 not working USB 3 issue?


I am new to both the CDJ 350 and Traktor.

I have done the following:

1) checked cdj's version, it is 1.0.6

2) installed the new cdj driver 1.102 on a 

ASUS Zenbook UX31E - i5-2557M / 4GB / 128GB SSD / 13.3\" / Intel HD 3000 / BT / Win 7 HP

3) changed midi channels on cdj to ch1 and ch2

4) Connected cdj's with usb to laptop on goes in USB 2.0 the other 3.0

5) pushed the midi button on cdj's to connect to laptop(says connect on the cdj) without traktor being open

6) opened traktor

7) downloaded the correct tsi file for mapping on the pioneer website

8) followed the instruction on the cdj 350 connection guide from pioneer

9) imported the correct tsi -350 file for mapping into traktor

10) In audio setup selected cdj asio

This is what happens : I get sound from both cdj's , but I can only use buttons on left player connected to USB 2.0.

On the right player not a single button works :(

I tried VDJ and then both players can be used as controller.

Could USB 3.0 be an issue? Can this be solved with a hub since the computer only has one USB 2.0 connection.

Or have I made any rookie mistake in the setup?

Grateful for input on how to solve this issue!


Dan Larson

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No I don't but I can purchase one any you recommend ?

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