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cdj-2000 HID music lables are missing and has broken words on traktor 2 pro V2.5.1

I currently have cdj-2000s and traktor pro 2 V. 2.5.1 (windows laptop... I know fail) and I have updated my firmware and drivers for my CDJ-2000.

I have been told that that my cdj-2000s HID should show the playlists from traktor after the 2.5.1 update. The problem I have is that the cdj's connect and work with traktor, but on my cdj-2000's HID the playlist is broken. By broken I mean that when i scroll down for music, the song titles are misspelled and some of the song titles are blank. There is a blank between 2 songs and followed misspelled titles. So instead of looking at my cdj-2000's HID I have to look at my laptops screen to pick music. Any ideas thanks  : )

Tommy Lee

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