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My 2 CDJ2000Nexsus get delivered today. Wish me luck....

I am actually sitting home waiting for the delivery of 2 CDJ2000Nexus. Normally I would be feeling like a kid on Christmas morning, so why am I afraid to open the door for the UPS man? I’m really really really really hoping these decks work out for me….It can’t be any worse then what I’ve been through with traktor. And, I really don’t want to add up the cash I’ve spent on laptops over the past 4 years.  I am looking forward to leaving the computer at home…

I’ll do the firmware update that was released today first thing and hope for the best. I have tracks already analyzed with rekordbox. And yes, I had issues with it freezing up. What worked best for me was to analyze only a few tracks at a time and don’t try to work with them until they all complete.

So, wish me luck! Tips and Tricks appreciated!

Rob D

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You will just have to test it out. many people reported bugs and I have personaly been to about 3/4 official Pioneer Nexus introductions and they ALL had issues.. I am not saying EVERYONE has issues with the new Nexus player but most of us do!

I really hope they will work for you and that you will like them anyway! don't feel down because we are all in the same boat here ;) 

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Hey, just don't use auto cue, hot starts, memory points, master tempo or mp3 files and you should be all good to go. Lol

But seriously, good luck and please report and findings if any

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