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*** Important CDJ2000nexus Announcement - Updated Nov. 29, 2012 ***

Dear CDJ-2000nexus customers,

 Pioneer have identified a number of firmware modifications required to the new CDJ-2000nexus and are now working on an important firmware update that will be made available to you from 3rd December 2012 via  www.pioneerdj.com/support

This update will address important bug fixes required.  Pioneer sincerely apologies to any customers who may have experienced any operational issues to date with the new CDJ-2000nexus.  Pioneer are committed to continuous improvement for our flagship multiplayer and will give priority to any further future updates to enhance the CDJ-2000nexus performance.  We very much appreciate your patience.  

Pleases note that this does not affect existing CDJ-2000 customers.


Pioneer DJ - Global Team


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We have just received information that the release has been delayed by one week to December 10th.  Thanks for your patience!

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