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To Pioneer - Any POSITIVE advancements yet?

Having (unfortunately) purchased a pair of cdj2000nexus some weeks back I, like many others, am suffering with endless issues. I am still running firmware v1.02 which came with the players and am afraid to "upgrade" until Pioneer can sort this mess out.

On the forums is a post from Pulse dated Oct 26th stating a new firmware would be available on 29th Oct? Where is it? The latest firmware I can see available is v4.20 which was released on 16th October. That is now over 3 weeks ago and, as far as I can see, there has been NOTHING since.

Pioneer,  your customers need POSITIVE answers to these MAJOR issues and we need them quick.


Andy Beech

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It was about time! hopefully we will get everything right soon and all have a great Christmas with bugfree djms and nexus players :P haha

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