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E-8302 (b194) on my white cdj 2000's with PNY 128 gb thumb drive

I am using a PNY 128 GB thumb drive with my white cdj 2000's and it will randomly get the error 'E-8302 (b194)' in the middle of a song.  There is about 30 GB of music on the thumb drive.  I can reload the song and it will work but then it will do it maybe 30 minutes after...  All these songs are 320's and WAVs analyzed in Rekorbox 2.0.1 with the latest firmware update on my CDJ's. The thumbdrive is formated in MS-DOS (FAT) on my Macbook Pro from 2010.  I've tried deleting everything off the drive and re-exporting it from rekordbox and it still continued to do it randomly.  It's unbelievably frustrating.  

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Taylor Shockley

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