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Memory, Memory,Memory......

sorry for posting this in 2 different threads guy but id like this thread to be noticed and the software thread is locked to the admins, 


memory, memory, memory........  It's a word that appears all too often in this forum!  and pioneer always comes back with the word '' expense'' or ''extra cost''   personally, i wouldnt mind paying an extra £100 or whatever... if it meant the mixers (or decks) could have exceptionally large  storage for future updates and samples, user settings also...   how about putting a suggestion to the pioneer team, that future products have some kind of removeable memory, and even  customisable decks and mixers, where we can buy (or pioneer could supply for free :D )extra effects and features that suit us,  for example, a house dj, could buy a house effects ''programme'' for his mixer   or a dubstep dj could buy an effects package that would suit his music style better, think of it as buying an ''ableton suite''   type feature, only for your decks and mixer,...   anyone agree with me on this?


@ pulse and gavin, i know this post doesnt really belong in this thread, but there isnt a ''memory'' thread'' and i seen people mentioning memory,. ill have a look now and see if i can find somewhere better to repost it, or maby one of you's could move to somewhere more suitable?

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I agree, just a teeny bit of memory in everything to hold settings would be lovely.

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This isn't a hint or insider knowledge - this is just a tech user sharing some thoughts / speculation

I think you are probably right. We've probably seen the last version of CDJ in the CDJ2000nexus. I think the CD drive has run its course. So where to next? I think delivering increased functions in the form of "apps" is probably going to happen - download specific (paid for) plugins that you want to run on your player. It'll be interesting to see where the industry takes us next.

But remember on the topic of memory - in 6 months time it'll be twice as powerful or half the price ;)

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