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CDJ 2000 ASIO driver "not connected"

Hi guys.. I'm new to this forum thing but i need help URGENTLY!! I have 2 CDJ 2000'1 and a DJM 2000 mixer set-up. I have the latest version of Traktor(2.6) and the latest ASIO Drivers and firmware installed.. the problem is this. last week, the CDJ's and my PC were working fine. CDJ's were fucntioning as a controller etc. On Saturday, I tried to connect them, and it would NOT connect. I did everything the way I normally did, but nothing. I have run the set-up wizard countless times and all i get it this:


"Pioneer CDJ ASIO (not connected)"


That was the setting I have always chosen and it has worked properly up until Saturday. 



Dwayne van Rooyen

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