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Playlists in rekordbox cdj 2000


I use playlists on my rekordbox. When I sort them and transfer them to an an empty usb-drive all the different lists are alphabetically sort.

See image:



But here's the problem, when I want to update a single playlist and transfer it to the usb again, the playlist  is sorted down the list. So the updated list is on the bottom of all playlists. This sucks because every time I update one list it's not sorted alphabetically again.

So the only way I can fix this is to format my USB drive and transfer all the playlists again. This takes 20 hours for 8000 files.

Is there an easyer way to achieve this? so i don't have to format my usb and put all the files back on it ?


Please help,


Regards !


p.s sorry for the crappy english :P

Jordy Kribben

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