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Setting active loop while LINK connected to PC.

I did it today? I've tried before and I think I read this couldn't be done without unlinking first? I've even posted I wanted to see this feature and no one said it was available? I set the active loop on RB and it showed up on the CDJ without unplugging the Ethernet cord/link. Usually I have had to unplug to make changes??? Now, it had some issues, like not working each time and I would have to try a couple times but it did end up working... Problem was it didn't start the loop where I set it, maybe a beat bar off or so, sometimes it was fine. I wish I could set this up on the CDJ Nexus? Can I, it be easier to set the end loop from the cdj instead. However my equipment has been acting up. Auto Sync was HORRID! My back button didn't work all the time and I had to hit the rekordbox button to go back. 

Justin time for some Hardstyle!

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