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Another new Hot Cue Bug since v.1.13 for the CDJ 2000 nxs

Hello Pioneers,


I am getting really sick with the 2000 nexus players since the 1.13 firmware update.

The Players crashing all the time or doing random unpredictable stuff :/


Here is another Video which is showing the Problem with the Hot Cues:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOJVLfZnz5Q


The same Song cannot be looped -> Every time I press the Loop in and the the Loop Out Button the Loop catches the whole song!

All my files are analyzed "newly" in the latest Rekordbox Version 2.0.7 and exported to a 32GB USB Stick which never had Problems with an firmware before.


I recognized that the Bugs are always related to the similar Music Files, so it is somehow connected to them?


Thank you very much.


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