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CDJ2000NXS firmware 1.22

It's out as of today (no it's not an April's fool) http://pioneerdj.com/support/product.php?c=1467&lang=en&p=CDJ-2000NXS&t=178

The only difference from 1.21 seems to be the kuvo support [Sarchasm ON] wow!!!! the most amazing upgrade ever, OMG I'm so happy now!!!1!!1 [Sarchasm OFF]

Ver.1.21 -> Ver.1.22 (1 April, 2014 Update)

- Add a new function (analyzing a part of MP3/AIFF Tags) to support KUVO service.

 This update is only for using KUVO.

Julia O

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actually brichi, the last real update was november 2013, 7 months ago. 

i'd like to see some new features now, maybe a 2.0 release - all we've had is bug fixes and they've still not all been squashed yet.

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I agree Phil, They need a real update with some real fixes and maybe additions. I am looking for a 100% working FW at this point

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