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Cdj 2000 Jog Led Mapping

Hy Guys,


I would map the Cdj 2000 Jog Led to Traktor.I would do this:When Sync Deck A-B the Jog Led goes from White to Red Colour,iam not shure why i can do this.

But on the old Firmware the Cdj 2000 flash in Controll Mode,in the New Firmware ist only white the Jog when start the track,when is Pause is nothing....

Thanxs to all greets from Austria


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The original release had the jog turn RED when it was connected via HID to software, but then when the DJM2000 and DJM900 were available for use with the LINK, the red jog LEDs were reserved for "on-air" status indication, meaning that it's not a default.  If you've found the mapping for the jog LEDs to turn red, that's fine - you 're certainly welcome to do it yourself, but it's not something Pioneer will support the endeavour of mapping.

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