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[CLOSED] Mapping issues with djm900 and Traktor Sp2

i started  mapping my djm 900 with traktor scratch pro 2!!in the volume levels i put the chanel 2 in track B /chanel 3 in track C/chanel 4 in track D!! but wen i put chanel 1 in track A this ones  stars  doing 2 thing at the same time!!!it actives the play button and rise up the volume  at the same time!!even if i delet all the mappings and i start a new generic midi  to starts mapping again if i put the chanel 1 in track A it does  all time the same error!do you know what can be the problem?

Cesar Silva

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@Cesar > If you map Track A's volume via the LEARN button, do you notice any other mappings in the list turning orange to indicate there is an overlap?

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