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xdjr1 mapping issue ?

i have recently done a reinstall of windows 7 on my laptop,put vdj 7 pro back on and all seemed fine.

plugged my r1 in and there was no asio driver,managed to install the driver but now my r1 is not working properly.


the volume sliders and gains work spot on but the jog wheels,effects buttons,cue,play all do not work it is literally just the sound controls that work.


the r1 is on the latest update and vdj works perfect

,cd's and usb all controls work.


as far as i know everything is set up how it should be as it all worked before with no major issues.


i cannot fint the r1;'s installation disc that came with it when i purchased it so i cannot reinstall that way.


i run the r1 in controller mode using external mixer,asio drive then r1.


im thinkiking it ma be a map issues at the usually blue light for effects etc are not even lit up when they should be.


any help of advice is appreciated

keith huckin

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