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Search by bar for CDJs

Hi I've seen other threads about users wanting to be able to search by bar as a feature in hardware. An idea was suggested to use the << and >> buttons to jump 4 beats forwards or backwards, which seems reasonable. However the idea was poo-pooed because it is not acceptable to change the existing user-interface across models the << and >> buttons need to keep the same functionality for all users on all CDJ models. No matter what the version of the firmware. This makes perfect sense.

I'd like to suggest a new key press combination that is currently unused.
On the CDJ-350 it seems it would be possible to press and hold in/cue when playback is paused, then tap the << >> buttons to skip bars. This would not change anything for existing workflows since that combination currently does nothing and could presumably be implemented as a software upgrade without breaking any one's existing usage patterns on the decks. It seems that might be possible to implement consistently across all the models, I don't have all model physically here to try it out on, the 350, 900, and 2000 all have in/cue and search buttons.

This feature would be more than useful, it would enable DJs pre-mix a vocal (without beats for timing) so that when the beat does drop its exactly in time. Same for dropping a couple of bars of a big sweep that ends at exactly the right point. Navigating by bar makes a lot of sense just for moving about the track.


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I was the guy who suggested the feature, but the Pulse fella could never give anyone a proper answer as to why it wasn't a good idea. Still frustrating.

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