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Bad translation and request for all retina graphics


I'm a really happy new rekordbox user.
I think I will actually ditch Traktor completely for the new Rekordbox DJ.
And if the upcoming DVS will be on par with Serato I will ditch that too :)

I have however noticed a small thing in the software.
In the browser column, "History" is translated to bad swedish.
"History" is translated to "Historiker" which means historian.
The correct translation should be "Historia" .

My other request is that you should please use all retina graphics in the software. It looks really old and cheap with blurry pixel buttons. Should be easy to fix and will really raise the feeling of the software. Both Traktor and Serato still lacks support for high resolution displays!

Keep up the good work!


Fredrik Malm

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Thank you for your feedback
We will fix "Historiker" in a near future update.
As for retina graphics, now we engineers are working to improve.

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