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One of my CDJ-2000 is not being recognized by any computer

I have an issue here that I was hoping someone could answer. One of my CDJ-2000 does not get recognized by any computer. When I connect my USB cable from the rear of the CDJ-2000 to a usb port of a computer, I see that when I switch to LINK I get a screen on the display that shows "CONTROL MODE (HID ADVANCED)" and a flashing "PUSH TO CONNECT." I understand and am fully aware this is completely normal. Next is where the strange problem happens.

When I push on the rotary selector, the CDJ shows that it is connected on the display. I see "USB MIDI" on the list area and the link animation on the right of the CDJ display. For Serato, this is expected. However, if I turn the rotary knob to select a deck, nothing happens. For Traktor, I do not get a prompt to select deck A/B/C/D. For RBDJ (yes, I am aware of the jogwheel delay), I do not get a "DECK ?" prompt on screen.

Further investigating this on my MacBook Pro (Yosemite 10.10.5), I opened up System Information to see if there is any device shown as connected. I do not see the device anywhere. If I plug in my other CDJ, it will appear. With this information, I can gather that one of my CDJ-2000 cannot connect to a computer properly.

I wanted to know if there's any other kind of factory reset or firmware overwrite that I can try to get HID working. I've already done the USB Stop+Disc Eject+Power combination multiple times, but I still see the same result.

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So it turns out that the USB pins were lifted from the PCB inside.

Time to break out the soldering iron...

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I was going to suggest that it was possibly a hardware issue, as you've already got it sorted, I'll leave you to it. ;)

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