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Secondary Column on CDJ2000 help!

Hey guys,

When I open a playlist or folder I like to have my trackname first and as a secondary column the BPM. I know I should select this in the preferences of the USB stick (under column) but for some reason it won't work on my CDJ. When I open a folder I see all general information of a track (title, bpm, rating, etc., it takes up half of the entire screen) and when I open a track within a playlist I see track name, artist name. Where the artist name is I want to see BPM.

Can anyone help me w/ fixing this?

All the best,


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When in Browse mode on cdj2000, with a list of tracks on screen just press the menu button, a 'list menu' window pops up, just select 'sort' and then select BPM from the list. Your list of tracks should now be sorted by BPM and a BPM secondary column added to the list of tracks... I hope this helped :)

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