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DJM S9 paint fades

Pioneer's S9 paint fades and chips like crazy around the cross faders .. I'v had one for two months and it looks like i had it for two years.... but Pioneer did come up with a new updated face plate but if you want it you have to send out your mixer for 3 to 4 weeks thats bull shit when they can just send out a new faceplate in the mail that will take 2-3 days and putting it on will take 15 min ...thats fucked up that i have to be with out my mixer if i want it fixed ...especially when it was there manufacture defect.. I paid 16$ on this mixer right around Christmas time and after about a week i was seeing fading and chipping starting to show up so i called pioneer and I told them whats was happening and asked them if they where aware of the problem and customer service rep said yes and there team of technicians where working on it so then i asked her will pioneer be replacing and sending out a new faceplates cause if not I'm going to return the mixer and get my money back while can ..thats when she assured that ill be all set and asked me for my info and gave my a case num and said pioneer will be in contact with in two weeks to let me know when the faceplates where going to be sent out so be on the look out for a email from us ... i said OK cool cause i do love the mixer and really don't want to give it up lol....... so 2 weeks go by and nothing then 4 weeks come up and nothing so i say let me call them and see what's the hold up and when will the NEW faceplate be shipped out thats when the whole story changed with i have to send out the mixer if i want the new plate.. if i would have known that i would have got my money back from the gate now i'n stuck .....NOT COOL

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1) You're not part of a beta test -- the mixer underwent the usual testing for durability at Pioneer DJ's facilities and unfortunately the chipping did not occur during the testing phase prior to production. It can happen in any industry and we apologize for the inconvenience caused, however as you even state yourself, this is a minor cosmetic issue - it does not affect the performance of the mixer. We are in the process of correcting this blemish however we hope you still enjoy the mixer for its technical functions.

2) We haven't posted a statement yet as it's a bit of a logistical problem trying to arrange a GLOBAL network of repair shops, service centres, and customer support locations, to all have the same answers and provide the appropriate service (instead of having them tell you to "wait 3-4 weeks" while they "figure it out" when we know exactly what the issue is).

3) You may have noticed that I posted updates to all the S9 topics here on the forums ... and then had to remove them. That's because we had a statement but then found out that not all of the people who were supposed to have the appropriate information to supply to the users did, and some were providing incorrect info. See #2.

4) We understand that this is frustrating, but all I can do is thank you for your understanding and patience while we wait for the replacement procedure statement.

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