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Toraiz SP - minimal model

I like the look of the Toraiz SP-16 but I would not benefit from this as it's way too much for my workflow - I would only use samples.

However, I would love to see a more compact model just for samples only.
I've always loved Traktor's F1 - they're compact and just made for capturing and triggering samples.

Would love Pioneer to produce something like the F1 - the same size even.
Connect it via Pro DJ Link, plug into CH 1 of DJM, select which CDJ I want to capture from then job done!

I just want to capture and trigger samples without the need of rekordbox DJ or Traktor.


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I think Rik Parkinson alluded to a smaller model coming soon.  I watched some youtube reviews from Musikmesse 2016 and it appears Pioneer is moving into production.

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