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Update display CDJ900NXS

Would have in a future update to cdj900nxs, the numeric characters which shows the music of the time remain the same as shown in cdj screens 2000nxs and xdj1000 with rounded characters ??

Marcio MB

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OLAH Marcio. I'm sure there will have an update to Pioneer DJ's equipment, but i can't say now the detail level of it.

Be aware!!

Take care

Pedro_Blz 1 voto
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Hello Marcio,

The numeric characters to show remaining time are different depending on the models because older models use second and frame while the newer models use second and mil second.

It would be very difficult to change such a fundamental features with a firmware update.

Thank you very much for your kind understanding.

Best regards,

CRM, Pioneer DJ

Keiko 1 voto
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