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USB is not a device in Rekordbox

Hi to Everyone,

i searched already the web but didn´t find any solution so far.

I´m using Rekordbox 4.1.1 and my 64GB Toshiba USB3.0 drive is not recognized as a device. So i´m not able to sync the music for the pioneer xdj 1000 with that device. the stick is formated in ntfs.


Any suggestions what to do?


Thanks in advance


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you have to Format it to fat32 and it will work fine ;-)

no cdj/xdj is reading ntfs...

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Yes, thank you, now it works.

I tried before with exFat from windows but didn´t works as well.

So I used HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool now and was able to format the 64gb stick as a FAT32 Device.


Thanks Daniel Ventura

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