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USB background colors on OPUS QUAD

From the CDJ-2000 till the XDJ-XZ I was VERY happy to use USB's with different background colors so I could easily see which USB (or a linked laptop) I was working with. In the browser as well in the waveform view the background colors were represented very well.
Now on the OPUS-QUAD the backgound color feature still exists (it can even be changed on the deck), but VERY VERY minimal. It's just a tiny 1x5mm indicator on top of the browser. The cursor is ALWAYS blue now, no matter which color I gave the USB. In the waveform view there is no background color at all. On the RX3 there at least is a thin colored line... I loved the feature, but now it's gone.... Can this be changed like the way it used to be, with at least some presentation on the waveform display and some more on the browser?

Leon Hartog

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