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CDJ900NXS v.122 vs 1.24?

the beloved CDJ90NXS has gotten a 'silent" (not announced here?)

update to v1.22. or is it 1.24..?


the cool part is that the text reads:

  • Description

    If the firmware version is Ver.1.22, you don't need to update the firmware version.
    Please read the Update Guide to check the firmware version of your CDJ-900NXS and how to update the firmware.

    Ver.1.24 Update
    • Fixed an issue where some HDD may not be recognized when connected to a CDJ-900NXS.
    • Fixed an issue where a cracking noise may be heard when Master Tempo is activated.

however, the download link provides v1.22 -- so...

and no, not an update about the unit not being able to fall asleep if an USB device, like a stick is still mounted/active.

I guess that is a WONTFIX or something.
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The more likely answers are:

1) Typo.

2) An internal update to a component has new CDJ-900NXS units shipping with a firmware with a higher version number simply to indicate those units have a different component.

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