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CDJ not seeing USB Rekordbox



I am new to Rekordbox and the CDJ's. I have the 2000nxs2 and record box 4.

Using Mac OSX 10.11.5.

I have exported a playlist in rekordbox by right clicking the playlist and clicking 'export playlist' then selecting my USB stick.

When i put the USB stick in the CDJ, its seeing the tracks when i click on the USB button, but when i click the Rekordbox button, it's totally blank. 

I have formatted my USB stick twice, going to disk utility, clicking 'erase' -

Format - (MS-DOS) FAT 

Scheme - Master Boot Record

I couldn't seem to make a partition.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong, i think clearly the USB sticks are fine.


Thanks :)

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The rekordbox button is only for use when linking the players to the computer over the ethernet (ProDJ Link).

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Got ya. When or why should the light turn red when putting a USB stick in one of the CDJ 2000 nexus 2's?

My LED colour is light blue when i put my stick in, but I've seen some go red.

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You can customize that on the device page; click the device on the left, then under the General tab, you'll see Background Color and can change it from there.

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