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i hope with this specs rekodbox works

mack macky

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I had to buy an Allienware to make sure rekodbox dj doesn't dropout while I am on my ddj sz ,, serato was running very fine with my last MSI CX62 2 QD which is also a high spec laptop, but maybe the built isn't enough and I finally closed my bank account and took everything out for the sake of rekodbox dj . I saw ppl very still having issue with MBP and I thought the only medicine for this is an Allienware .which has muscle to perform .

Well I have tested it at home 4 hours and no issue and this coming weekend will be the real test . By the way just to share and to get good hopes and results . let me show u what I had and what I have now

MSI CX 62 2QD  I7 5700hq 2.6 to 3 2ghz 16gb ram 1 tera hdd ,  I had 1066 tracks and nothing else in that laptop other the window 10 os .( run at high performance  yet I had dropouts while the letancy set at midscale 18 msec

now  ALLIENWARE i7 6700hq 2.5 to 3.2ghz  16gb ram 1 tera . I am still having 1066 tracks and nothing else other then window 10 pro os  .set lentacy 18msec

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