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Recover playlist from a USB-Stick.

Hey Pioneer DJ forum... i have lost my Macbook and now i only have my music collection on my usb stick.

NO OTHER BACKUPS - Yes im a total idiot.


I have read about this topic a little on this forum and it says that there is no automatic reimport of playlist & cuepoints etc. 

Some have mentioned a "manual" reimport of playlists. Will this work for me? 

Like if i put the stick in my new computer i can go to the stick in the explorer and see the playlists?


I really only care about my Playlists content because thats where most of my work went into. I only need the running order of the songs. I accept that i lost my cuepoints and beatgrids because i was to dumb to make a backup.


Once again in short:

I lost my mac and have a USB stick with my rekordbox playlists. Is there ANY way to get the running order of the playlist?

Can i put the usb stick in my new mac and just copy everything to have atleast a second backup now?


Thank you so much for your help im really devastated atm.




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You can copy the music from the export drive back to your internal drive (or another drive) and then bring that into rekordbox. You can also load your export drive in rekordbox to view the playlists, but there is no way to recover the beatgrids, hot cues, memory points, or playlists automatically - you will have to rebuild those manually.

And yes, a backup is critical. My preference is Backblaze; it works in realtime to the cloud, unlimited storage for about $4/mo.

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