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iTunes Cloud Purchases

I have iTunes on my Macbook and Rekordbox 4.1.2

I have this problem in that cloud purchases that aren't on my Mac are showing up in Rekordbox but with a no entry sign icon next to them.

Is there any way I can exclude these from showing up in Rekordbox?

Also, I use iTunes exclusively for managing my music and I just connect Rekordbox to it.  Sometimes I will get a load of files showing up with yellow exclamation sign icons next to them, usually when i've changed filenames, removed dupes and so on.

Is there a quick way I can go show them all in Rekordbox and delete them?

Many thanks!

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To show all missing tunes (the ones with yellow exclamation mark), select "Show all missing files" and you will get  a pop up with all missing files.

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