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Beat Slicer sync when using traktor 2

Apologies as i have asked this before but didnt have the means to shoot a video to explain.
When i set a 4 or 8 beat loop on my djm 2000 touch screen from a song via traktor the sync is compleatly off. if i keep it synced to the same chanel or transfer the sample to another chanel it sounds horrendous. do i HAVe to manualy tap the value in for this to work or should the djm and tracktor be able to work this out on their own?, I have sync enabled on each cdj, i have tried using the mixer sync, but still sounds dog toffee!

Jay McGhie

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Sorry, for the delay!  Thanks for the detailed video.  I've forwarded this to Pulse for review.  Please reference your original post for further info.

Mark Gallo
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