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 Hey Rekordbox,


I appreciate you guys workings so hard to make this software.

I do know the hours that go into just testing alone and I applaud all the changes ( even the not so good ones ) that have been made to the software up to this point.

Because I am excited to see rekordbox grow, there is a few things I would like to add to the ever growing list of software requests:


Auto play:

As a wedding dj...I live and die by this thing. It allows me to take a break during cocktail or dinner to do numerous other things that need to be done in prep for the next part of the event.


A warning window asking me if I am sure if I want to quit the software:

My last event I was using another software ( which I will not name at this time ) where I accidentally clicked the close window icon on the software. If it didnt have that warning window...My packed dance floor would have cleared.


A faster software boot time:

On an average, it takes rekordbox 23 seconds to start up than compared to others that would start up at 15. Yes. If I had solid state drives it would be a lot lower..but sadly I don't.


These are just suggestions and I am in no way insulting rekordbox so need to flame me. Also I am an average computer user so if I didnt see a feature in the software...again please dont flame me.


Thank you for reading. :)




Evan R

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@Evan > Thanks for your comments, I will be moving this topic for now as we're not set up with our legal disclaimer regarding the feedback for new comments or features at this time. We will, of course, take steps to correct issues as they arise.

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