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Big Waveforms won't show on XDJ-700

Hi all,


I bought myself a controller and XDJ-700 a week ago and the first day I played with it a bit, the big waveforms didn't show.

I thought it was due to the fact that not every song was fully played, since the small waveform also only showed once the song was fully loaded.

But the problem remains.

I read several forums where I found out that I have to analyze the songs first on RekordBox, and so I did. 

Now the small waves show, but the big ones still don't.

So I kept on looking for answers, and I noticed that several people are dealing with the same problem. There were many repsonses, for example:

- USB Stick that might be the problem; I changed mine; nothing happened

- Format of the files might be the porblem; I putted them all in .MP3; nothing happened

- Songs that are longer than 15min don't show soundwaves; My songs are 3 to 10 min ?

SO I still don't understand what is the problem and I can't seem to find any solutions...

Can anyone please help me out,


thanks a lot 

Kevin Durusu

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Hey Steven,


I just tried this but this doesn't seem to be the problem.

I heard that maybe I have to format my USB to FAT32, Imma try this today!!


Keep you posted,



Kevin Durusu 0 voti
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Yes that's correct! Usb must be on fat32 format. Let me know how it works. I just bought these player my self this week and they are great! I have no issue with them. Keep me posted

Steven V 0 voti
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Hi Kevin, 

Did you have any luck with your issue about the big wave form not showing on your XDJ-700's? Because I'm having the same issue. I formatted my usb stick to fat2 and it hasn't changed anything. I would really appreciate any insight if you did or didn't manage to resolve it. 


Big Thanks, 


Sylva Kay 0 voti
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